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医药行业Medical Industry

The evolution of medicine and medical technology has significantly increased the life expectancy of the human beings today as compared with 19th century. The increasing average lifespan with decreasing mortality rates drives the growth in populations. However, the rapid urbanization and the unhealthy lifestyle behaviors have increased the number of patients suffering from chronic diseases. Due to this, the medical industry is growing at an incredible rate and is aggressively innovating new solutions.

In the year 2020, PCCS diversified its businesses into the healthcare industry by entering into strategic cooperation’s with world-known medical device and technology developers to develop the Asia-Pacific medical device market. For this purpose, PCCS has set up the subsidiaries - La Prima Medicare Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) and La Prima Medtech Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia).

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About La Prima

At La Prima we believe that health care should always be accessible and affordable for everyone. As such, PCCS has established the subsidiaries - La Prima Medicare Pte. Ltd. and La Prima Medtech Sdn. Bhd. These two medical companies were established with the purpose of commercializing beneficial medical device technologies within the Asia-Pacific region. Singapore and Malaysia will act as the deployment center of medical technologies within the Asia-Pacific Region. With PCCS extensive experience with conducting businesses within the Asia-Pacific Region for many years, it has accumulated a profound understanding and strong influence over many different market segments. With the help of its market influence, PCCS hopes to promote beneficial medical device technologies that can benefit more people.

What We do

La Prima focuses on providing medical and healthcare solutions, which sums up our vision and mission. We will incorporate the ideas from R&D, distributing and manufacturing. We strive for compatible collaborative ventures with medical and healthcare companies throughout the globe to provide access to affordable and quality-assured medical and healthcare related products to help further improve health and save lives.

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