The success of our group can be traced back to the year 1973 when it ventured into the garments manufacturing business. Since then, we have continued to enjoy a good reputation for producing quality products and services to reputable international customers. The group pursuit of a concentrated growth strategy has led to the subsequent establishment of the packaging and other apparel related businesses including embroidery services, labeling, fabric knitting, plastic packaging, silk screen elastic webbing etc.

Today, PCCS Group is determined to develop these businesses that we are specialized to be world class through innovation, continuous process improvement and value adds development. To accelerate its growth, the group continues to expand its existing business, tap on new opportunities or introduce other brands.

We provide our customers with quality products and services at competitive price by following a cost-leadership strategy augmented by on time delivery. We work closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure our sourcing and processing are designed to minimize production costs.

Moving ahead to realize its vision of becoming an international leader in apparel and packaging industries, The Group believes that it is only with sharing its benefits with the community in which our employees reside, we can continue to grow and successful.